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Thinking of buying cork flooring? It's a superb choice, and  here's why...

To buy cork flooring is to make a floor covering choice that is sure to turn you into the proud owner of one of the most visually stunning floors available! Without exception it's a superb choice with very few flooring rivals that can beat its level of under foot comfort, nor its natural sound suppression and thermal insulation properties! 

Buying cork flooring is a good move, for cork clearly has a wealth of useful benefits but that's not all, it will enhance the beauty of your home with a character that is quite unmatched by any other type of floor. What's more, cork is a highly sustainable and environmentally friendly material which means that you can buy a cork floor covering without feeling that your purchase is having an impact on an already fragile environment.

Purchasing your cork floor on the internet will usually mean making big savings, but it can also be difficult unless you know exactly who and where to buy from. There are also so many options to consider which can make it confusing, especially if you are buying for the first time. Our aim is to set you straight with the facts about cork flooring so we have compiled the following information which we hope will help you to proceed in confidence with your purchase. One thing is for sure, we are certain to help bring you that vital step closer to being the proud owner of what is the most unique flooring product on the market today.

Flooring that is priced to please - You'll be floored with your cork purchase!

Pricing of good quality cork flooring starts at a very affordable $2.50 s/f and goes up to more than $8.00 s/f  for the premium brands. As pricing will most often be the primary deciding factor when making a flooring purchase it will be beneficial to work out how much you can afford to spend prior to actually selecting the cork floor that you want. When making your decision, do remember that cork floors, as with other wooden flooring, can be worth spending a bit more on as one is likely to  increase the value of your home, and that's in addition to the look you will achieve, which will simply be priceless. Cork floors can mostly be categorized into the following price ranges. 

  • Under $3.49 
  • $3.50 - $4.49 
  • $4.50 - $5.49 
  • $5.50 and Above

Popular Brands Of Cork Flooring

The following floor brands are the ones that we found to be the most popular of those currently being sold online

  • APC Cork Floors 
  • BHK Glueless Cork Flooring 
  • Eurocork Cork Floor 
  • NovaCork Flooring 
  • Parador Cork Floor 
  • Westhollow Cork Flooring 
  • Woodstock Cork
Installation Types

Traditionally, cork floors used to come in the form of tiles that were messy and difficult to install. Such types are still available but nowadays consumers have a wide choice of cork floating floors available to them, as tiles or planks, that offer easy installation as many of them incorporate click or snap lock joints that eliminate the need to use glue. This is now the preferred installation type and has largely contributed to the increase in popularity of cork as a flooring of choice in recent years due to it being relatively easy for even a semi skilled handyperson to work with.  

To further ease and speed up the installation process, the majority of cork flooring comes factory prefinished with a top coat of tough UV acrylic. Another finish that some manufacturers use is water based, which may not be as tough as the UV types but certainly makes for a much 'greener' finished product. 

Cork flooring color options galore...For your buying pleasure

A wide choice of cork floor color and shade options await you, and means you will certainly find something that  matches the overall color scheme that you wish to pair it with. With the additional options of light, medium and dark shades the choices are almost infinite. 

Perhaps one piece of advice in relation to choosing a color would be to think about what changes may take place in your home in the future. If you are the kind of person that decorates every year or two you may want to choose a fairly neutral color that will fit easily with just about any color scheme. If you tend to wait longer periods of time between decorating then you may want to be a little more adventurous and choose a more exotic color. The choice is yours, and yours alone. To help you on your way, here are a few color examples. 

Odysseus Creme Terracotta Cronus Natural
Hera Natural Mount Lorne Athene Blue-Black

So, you are almost there. We hope that our tips have helped to bring you a step closer to purchasing a cork floor that is right for you. 

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