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Cork Floors - A Truly Alternative Wooden Flooring

Cork flooring is rapidly gaining recognition as one of the leading alternative types of flooring. Why? Because besides cork being an environmentally sound material it has a wealth of other natural features that appeal to homeowners. What's more, a floor made from this wonder of nature serves to provide style and class to any home that it is installed in. 

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This site seeks to inform you about the basics of cork and cork floors and to give you advice about buying, installing and caring for your cork floor. We have information about cork–flooring products from all of the major suppliers and manufacturers, such as APC, BHK, Eurocork, NovaCork, Parador, Westhollow and Woodstock to name a few.

Learn about the benefits of cork over other types of floors, like its sound suppression abilities, thermal insulation properties, high comfort level and suitability for use by allergy sufferers. Without doubt, cork truly is a remarkable material and is one that has few equals in the world of wood.

So whether you are seeking to buy a cork floor covering or simply looking to learn more about them, please feel free to browse our site. We are sure that your visit will be worthwhile.

Why not read our cork buying guide before purchasing your floor? 

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